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App Bar Icon Pack for the Windows 8

August 31, 2012

Aha-Soft Releases Quality App Bar Icon Pack for the Windows 8

Aha-Soft has released a new icon pack for the Windows 8 App Bar. A new set of 1,000+ application bar styled icons combines the exact fulfillment of design requirements of the Windows Phone with professionally done graphics. The icon set includes all kinds of glyphs a designer can use in the app bar of any Windows 8 compatible application.

Windows 8 Style UI Icons

Since the release of Windows 8, applications running under this OS have no conventional menu bar any more. Instead, Windows 8 has introduced a brand new way of executing application specific commands - an app bar. The bar functions identically both on desktops and tablet PCs. When a user right-clicks an application screen, or swipes up or down to the screen edge, a bar with commands related to the current context is displayed. The minimalistic style of the icons in the app bar should provide better recognition and faster user operation thanks to minimum visual distractions.

Aha-Soft's brand new icon pack for the Windows 8 app bar combines the exact fulfillment of the Windows 8 design requirements with nicely and professionally done graphics. 1,075 icons of various categories cover almost anything a designer may need in his application. Documents, messages, styles, abstract icons, industry-specific signs, computer idioms and other terms are visually represented in clear, easily understandable glyphs. Perfectly centered 48x48 icons come in 12+ colors.

The icons suit both Windows 8 and the Windows Phone 7 and 8 operating systems. Coming in PNG format with the alpha channel, icons are 100% ready to be included into an application.

Pricing and availability

The price for the icon pack is $99.00 / 79.00 EUR. A free demo set is available for preview.

About Aha-Soft

Founded in 2000, Aha-Soft focuses on graphics and design applications and on professionally built icons and icon packs. Along with commercial graphic packages, the company offers royalty-free icon sets too. Custom design solutions are available on request.


Product page link:
Download link:


Pacific Business Centre, Att: Aha-Soft #101 - 1001 W.
Broadway Suite 381, Vancouver, BC V6H 4E4, Canada.
Web: http://www.aha-soft.com

Icon Articles

Get into the Arena of Symbols and Your Own Software Will Never Be the Same Again

This specific range of designs is set to change your entire world if you're a engineer. Use the quite a few designs being offered as of this portal to give your application that supplementary advantage, have the appropriate mixture of the business logic plus the GUI.

What’s more vital with a site, the particular back end or the interface? Strive as you may, you will not be capable of visualize a respectable response to this, fact is, that they are both essential. Finding the accurate combine relating to the UI additionally, the back end with the app is vital for every app to be effective, several software’s with excellent features yet standard UIs have found therefore to their peril.

Occasionally people simply neglect to understand value of a very good UI, those that do just do not have the necessary proficiency to develop these. To make your own difficulty worse are often the big prices which makers demand for these improvements. The User interface needs a ton of meticulous work as you might have to develop it visual by image.

Never lose hope as we now have the right solution to make your undertaking less complicated, be it icons for any Microsoft Windows tool bar, aero people icons, health related designs or another type you can potentially consider, any thing that your particular app wants when it comes to visuals is definitely right here for your own use. These types of images are delivered in around five sizes (nevertheless this may rely through group to package), as well as other colours, from white and black in your Microsoft Windows phone 7 icons for coders to 32 bit shades for aero people’s icons group, aero business symbols and a few others.

Every single image that you receive has been designed by experts with distinct focus on detail. All of these usually are particularly detailed and extremely appealing to your vision. The good thing is that you won't will need to go to each and every location for the graphic needs when you’ve happen to be here. Using the pics sensibly and also coordinating all of them around the User interface accordingly can comfortably get together a front-end that's ought to have the actual back-end you’ve compiled.

The particular icons presented here are guaranteed to receive the user’s eye with their awesome representation and the humorous undertones. An image inside aero people’s package demonstrates a business adversary who has a bull’s eye on him or her. You will not only obtain new images for many the regular features over these packs, they’ve been created in order to meet every last inspiring instinct of your own. You can get icons for aliens, superman and also agents together with usual ones of sales people, medical practitioners as well as dentist profesionist. It is just a myriad of shades that is definitely bound to give fresh life towards graphical user interface without having making it appear the slightest bit showy.

So look into all these right away, down load a demo if you need to test a number of initially or perhaps buy them right away and then deploy all of them this moment. Provide your app a transformation.

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You can buy individual icon images to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually.

Perfect-Icons.com contains a lot of icons. We made product basket for orders. You can view the product basket on the right side of icon collection pages. Click on icons to purchase them. These icons will be added into the basket. Also you can remove icons from the basket. Then you need to click on Proceed to checkout link and pay with credit card or with other payment method (PayPal etc.). After order completed you will receive download links through the e-mail.


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