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Customized Icon Design that's Right on Budget

Great icon design made by professionals but without additonal or hidden charges. Professional icon design that's right on budget.

Customized Icon Layout Services

Have you ever thought of having a set of well designed icons exclusively made for your business? Have ever wonder if there is a team of professional icon designers available who can see through your mind and understand your concept? If this is the case then you have come to the right people. is composed of highly professional icon designers who exist to satisfy the increasing demand of custom icon design for websites and software applications.

Personalized Icon Layout

Our company is very popular for being able to execute personalized icon design, while meeting our loyal customerís requirement. From desktop or web functions to printable materials, we make sure that all clientís demand are not just met but have exceed their expectation on top of that we do not charge our clients with unnecessary fees, we only charge for the hours spent working on your project and no more.

Procedure and Fee

When we speak of rates, we do not practice fixed rate, for all icons are designed individually and the effort and time exerted on each icon design vary. Ideally, for you to get a price quote, you just have to send us your idea, the way you want your icons to be designed as well as each iconís prerequisite. There is an available form at the end of this page for you to fill out. Include the iconís description, if you have an existing icon that you want to improve, or just anything that would make it easier for us to see exactly how you want your personalized icons designed.

One great idea for companies who already practice a particular signature color is to incorporate your theme to your icons; if you wish to apply that please include this information along with your design description.

Our icon engineers will study your requirements and determine the number of hours it would take for them to finish each of your icon design. Number of hours will then be multiplied to our minimal fixed hourly price. You will then be informed of the exact fee before we carry on with the deal; meaning no attachment is conceived so do not be hesitant to get quotes for we donít charge you for that.

Once we get your approval, we will set out the release date, our design engineers will begin with the project and you will start receiving icons one at a time for your review. This usually starts two working days after the arrangement, so you wonít have to wait until all icons are all finished before being able to give us your feedback.

Graphic Layout Services

Additionally we provide graphic layout services. The time spent and the procedure is similar to icon design production.


After all arrangements are made and upon receipt of the last payment, all icon design will be entitled to you and you may reproduce them or use them within your business as you please. You will also be given the rough draft of each icon so that you customized them by yourself if you want more adjustments. Rough draft includes AI, 3dMAX, and PSD.

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